Terms & Conditions Seasonal Pitch Holders

Please take a few minutes to read through the following terms and conditions for seasonal pitch-holders

WELCOME to Tyn-y-mur.

And thank you for choosing to pitch up here for the whole season.

We hope that your stay will be enjoyable.

To ensure all our guests have a great holiday please make sure you respect the comfort and convenience of other site users.

So, for everyone to enjoy holidaying on-site, please follow the manager’s requests, notices and instructions.

Your health and safety are important, so please take care of yourself and others on the site.

If anyone on site disregards these requests and disrupts the enjoyment of others, please let us know

Please visit our website to familiarise yourselves with the site rules and read the terms and conditions for campers and terms and condition for all visitor sections.

Rules for all visitors

Lina and Zoltan are our live-in managers and work long hours.

Their office working hours are 10 am till 4 pm Monday to Saturday.

We would appreciate it if you can refrain from knocking before 10 am and after 7 pm Monday – Saturday.

Please only knock on Sundays if there is an emergency. Thank you.


Your contract is for one season.

If you are happy and have adhered to all terms and conditions, we will have new agreements for the following season available to be picked up at the office during the month of September.

We do not post or email them.

You must visit in person to receive your new contract.

All contracts should be returned to us on the same day.

Non-refundable deposits must be paid by 20th November and all further non refundable payments must be paid on time all payments must be made via online banking.The pitch is to be enjoyed by the named person on the contract with their husband/wife or partner and children.

We do not allow anyone other than your immediate family such as your parents, your grown-up children (over 25 with 1 other person) and your grandchildren to use the pitch. Please advise when they are coming. Please come and have a chat with management if you do have a request and any decision will be made at their discretion.

Your wider family or friends that wish to visit must stay on the main camping field.

Ask management if they can arrange this at a reduced rate of £10 per adult head per night based on non electric pitch with unlimited number of children free. This offer can be used twice in a season and only out of school holidays. Alternatively they can book online.

Quiet times

Tyn-y-mur is a peaceful and tranquil site so from 11pm until 8am, we ask all on site to respect the quiet time and around 10pm we expect music and awning gatherings to finish, ready to prepare for the 11pm cut off time.

Your adherence to this rule is appreciated. No driving in and out during quiet time, please park in entrance if you are leaving early or arriving late and please ensure children go in at dusk or 10pm whichever comes first.


We have a dog shower at the side of the shower block

2 dogs per pitch

We do not welcome any dog who are deemed a danger to the public.

Always have them on leads, never leave them unsupervised.

If they are known for relentless barking then we will have to ask you not to bring them.

Caravans, insurance and habitation certificate

All caravans must be no older than 2010 as from March 2025.

This does not apply to those of you that are already on the site prior to this new restriction,

unless your van fails the habitation safety check or looks untidy.

All vans must be presentable, clean, and tidy looking at all times to maintain our standards here at Tyn-y-mur.

You must have a full habitation safety check certificate and up-to-date insurance with public liability.



We currently have 10 amp power which we charge per unit (non-profit). Please take photos of the meter readings at the start and end of the season in case of any disputes.

You must take care of your wattage usage and not to overload the system.

In the event of faults or power failure, please let us know and we will call out our electrician.

If the fault is within your caravan, you are liable for the call-out fee

Please make sure you are using travel electrical equipment.

If there is a problem, try using any electrical items one by one to find out what causing the tripping.

Also try next door hook up if this trips too then the fault is within your caravan.

If the fault is within our hook up, we will cover that cost.

You must not tamper with our hook up unit or get an outside contractor.

All electric hook up cables must be orange and in good condition.

We have the right to remove any cable we believe to be unfit for purpose.

Leaving your electricity on and running your fridge for the whole season is extremely expensive. Please switch your electricity off when you are away to save yourselves money.


All pitches have an electric hook up, water and a drain.

Please let us know if there are any problems with any of these.

Your pitches must be kept weed free and tidy at all times by you; you are welcome to mow your own pitch if you need it shorter.

We mow as often as possible between wet weather.

Please keep your grass free of wires, pipes etc. for easy access.

Please pick up your dog mess and dispose of it in the dog waste bins provided.

Everything including bbqs and washing lines must be tidy and stored away in storage boxes . Please check with us before you buy any to check if the size is suitable and it is 2 medium size storage boxes per pitch.

Upon leaving the site you are responsible for the removal and disposal of unsafe or rotten decking
ask management for contact details for this service.


Awnings may be erected permanent once all the risks of high winds have passed, we suggest at end of May and down by September. They must be secured to the ground with anchors, tie-down kits and marquee pegs.

You are responsible for any damage caused to other vans or the site from awnings blowing away – all units must be fully insured for this purpose.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints these must be e mailed to us via


Out of hours please text 07483157899 or call 01758712328

In an emergency call 999.

Please keep a healthy relationship with our staff as we support zero tolerance.

If a breach of the peace occurs, we do have the right to terminate your agreement.

We also have the right to use a body camera in hostile situations.

The footage is to be used as evidence for the site owner and then it will be deleted.

Misconduct on site, breach of the site and seasonal pitch rules or breach of contractual licence conditions can result in termination of the contract and being requested to leave site immediately without notice or redress. Failure to maintain pitches in a tidy and orderly manner will result in notice being given to redress the situation, failure to adhere to this notice after 14 days will result in termination of contract. Again, no refunds will be given if you are asked to leave the site.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version (updated online please check regularly throughout the season on both the SEASONAL and VISITORS section of the website).

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